5 Must Do’s to Find Your ‘Sweet Spot’


Take A Break

Busyness many of you take pride in, however what does a constant commitment to busyness give you? How productive are you when in the state of busyness? Study’s show that our ancestors, although they worked long days, they accomplished more, and also enjoyed more free time.

Giving yourself a break from busyness, from overwork, not only does it reduce our level of stress, but it also feeds and refuels your brain power, making you more productive when you return to the work at hand, and also way more creative. Take a break. Go do something fun!

Let Your Brain Take Over

In my work in mindfulness, I explain a lot the difference between ‘mindless’ and ‘mindful’. When you let your brain take over, think of it as allowing yourself to go on autopilot. You are still mindful of your surroundings, however you have developed very structured habits (many good), and let them rock-n-roll. As many of you know, especially if you have had to try and create change in your life, habits can be much stronger than willpower, so let them work for you!

Let ‘Them’ Go

The cell phone, the iPad, Facebook, your MAC or PC, put them down, walk away. The oxymoron regarding social media, is that it is really making us less social. How many times have you been out to dinner, to the park, in the mall, and you see couples on dates, where one is texting through the meal. Or in the park where parents are more concerned with their phone, then spending quality time with their children. Walk away from all of these things and connect with someone, face-to-face, eye-to-eye, give them a hug! See how good that makes you feel.

Grow Your Friendships

God did not create us to walk this earth alone, and in order to create the best walk we can through our journey in life, we need to nurture our relationships. Friendships enrich our lives, and are meant to be a two-way street. When is the last time you sent a hand written note to a friend or close relative, for no reason at all? How proactive are you at contacting your friends and family first? When it is time to give a gift, how much thought do you REALLY put into that purchase? And last, but definitely not least, when arguments occur, as they do in any relationship, do you take the time to talk it out? Taking the time to cultivate those people in your life who are important to you, keeps you important to them.

Embrace Uncomfortable

Often in our career, our personal lives, and even in our hobbies, if something is difficult, we walk away from it, or only give it half of our creative energy. Taking the time, and having the commitment to keep working on those things you find difficult, to take head on what causes discomfort for you, is what will also make you the master of your life. Following your passion, and discovering your purpose takes guts, it takes ‘stick-with-it-ness’ during the good times, and the low times. If you learn to embrace your discomfort, you will rise to any occasion, and come out of it on top, and with a smile!

“How you show up anywhere, is how you show up EVERYWHERE!” 

….show up fabulous!


Jeannine Miller is a speaker, facilitator, corporate consultant and executive coach, focused on building confident and happy individuals, and successful organizations, one team at a time through her 3D Mindful Leadership Experience. You can follow her on @3DMindful and at 3D Mindful Leadership.

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