Choose Alive!

As I look back over my life, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Starting at the ripe old age of seven, my first entrepreneurial endeavor was breeding rabbits. At different times of the year I would put them in a wooden apple crate, and take them to a popular pet store in a nearby town, and sell them. I realized very quickly that my highest profit margins, and supply and demand, was right around Easter! To this day I feel most alive when in the excitement of an entrepreneurial role.

Excitement Vs. Mundane

Over my 30 plus year corporate career I have had many challenges, and many, many more bouts of boredom. No matter what job I landed, after about the twelfth to eighteenth month mile marker, I was no longer pumped about the work.

No matter what creative ideas I had, they always seemed to meet a ceiling. For years I struggled through, settling for mundane, until I realized it was okay to move on… that the career path that was best for me, was one with no ceiling, and endless opportunity for input and creativity.

Input, Input, Input

Periodically I will go in and access my strengths, via the StrengthFinders assessment. The one strength that has always won pole position, is INPUT. An important lesson that I have learned over the years, is that if I had understood the power of knowing, and understanding these strengths meant, and how to apply them, my career would have been all about thriving, not just surviving.

As a coach, I work with individuals and team, to understand and apply, what they are naturally good at. Way too many of us have been raised to focus on getting better at what we suck at, when focusing on what we are strong at, would make life so much more gratifying! Somehow when you are loving what you are doing, the risk doesn’t seem so risky, and the rewards are everywhere!

Risk & Reward

Today opportunity is everywhere, and the sky, moon and stars are not the limit! For many of us, stepping out into what makes you feel alive, feels risky. I ask you though, is it really? To me what is risky is if you accept and settle for the ‘same ole, same ole’ life choices, whether they be in your personal life, or in your career. Getting up every day is a risk, and going to bed every night is your reward. Are you choosing to be ALIVE in between those two milestones, or are you stumbling through just a little bit numb? Let’s choose ALIVE, we need you!!

“How you show up anywhere, is how you show up EVERYWHERE!” 

….show up fabulous!


Jeannine Miller is a speaker, facilitator, corporate consultant and executive coach, focused on building confident and happy individuals, and successful organizations, one team at a time through her 3D Mindful Leadership Experience. You can follow her on @3DMindful and at 3D Mindful Leadership.

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