“If you can’t do the job…”

“…we’ll find someone who can!” WOW! They DID NOT just say that! What year is it? 1952? Okay, okay, we will give the benefit of the doubt…1986? Well for those of you that are shocked by these words, yes, individuals in leadership roles ARE still making this threat…publicly. I don’t know about you, but that DOES NOT motivate me, nor does it many of the confident, creative individuals within my circle.

There are five generations that make up the work force today. Each generation brings into the culture their own life fingerprint, ideals, approaches, communication preference, priorities and values. The leadership challenges that come with this global development is definitely not for the weak of heart, or ego engrossed.

Embrace The Speed Of Now

Today not only do leaders have to juggle in their mind the nuances of individuals and their generational thumbprint, they have to be more dynamic, more agile.  Technology, multitasking and global connectivity are a given, along with the expectation to get more done in a day, then the work force use to do in a week.

I get that for many, this can be a struggle even on a good day. I started out my career as an electrical engineer, then transitioned into software development. I realize it can be tough to wrap one’s head around the concept of how what use to take months or even years, to get up and running, can now be accomplished in weeks, or a few days!

Join The Dance

I can remember when I first moved from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, and was invited by colleagues to go to a line dancing class. I had always considered myself a pretty good dancer back home in the hometown bars, so how bad could it be? Well welcome to the south girl! Did I ever suck at it! Lucky for me, a few nice pros to me under their wing, turning what could have been a confidence killing night, into a ‘can’t wait to do that again’ experience.

Learning to work well with all generations, and lead many diverse teams, is a lot like dancing. Everyone is going to dance different, and at different levels. Some want to lead, even if they aren’t supposed to, and others would rather crawl under the rug, then get out on the dance floor. In order to create a successful, trusting and committed team, you never want to tell your dance partner, corporate or other wise, ‘If you can’t dance, I’ll get someone else that can!’ HUGE mistake!

No matter what your role within an organization, your intention should be to get everyone dancing. Make it enjoyable, keep them wanting to try harder. Your goal, for everyone to be involved in the success of the organization. Each generation has something to offer to both the organization, and to each other. Contributing to the end result of all of these amazing backgrounds working fluidly, comes down to the people, how you treat them, how you dance with them! Ready to ‘cha-cha’? Let’s do this!

“How you show up anywhere, is how you show up EVERYWHERE!” 

….show up fabulous!


Jeannine Miller is a speaker, facilitator, corporate consultant and executive coach, focused on building confident and happy individuals, and successful organizations, one team at a time through her 3D Mindful Leadership Experience. You can follow her on @3DMindful and at 3D Mindful Leadership.

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