SUPERPOWERS! Apply here!


Each of you have your own unique ‘SUPERPOWERS’. Superpowers aren’t something that you are simply amazing at, or that you rock the world with every day. These are things that you are just naturally good at. To lead by example, let me share with you two of what I think my superpowers are.

Inspiring Others

My passion is working with individuals and teams, watching while they get pumped, and move into action. From the moment they set that intention, and watching them move forward to completing their goal, every moment of that process is magical!

Nothing keeps my entrepreneurial spirit and vision stoked more than having those that I work with tell me just how inspiring I am to them, to their teams. Money is nice, however the real payment for me is knowing at the end of each day that I have made a difference. Knowing that I have inspired someone to stand up and claim what they have always had the right to achieve!

Figuring Things Out Quickly

Whether it has been as an employee, a consultant, entrepreneur, coach, mom, or mentor, I have always had this uncanny ability to jump in and figure things out quickly. With people, I can usually see right through them, helping them to get to the bottom of what they need to do next, to move into success in whatever there situation.

I know that I am good at this for two reasons, one, in looking at my success rate, and my outcomes, and second, it is reaffirmed by others around me constantly!


Taking the time to understand your superpowers is critical to your success in life, your business, your career, everywhere! If you feel stuck and need some help in this area, ask for help. Ask your friends, family, clients, colleagues, “What is it that you think I am good at?”, and write those things down. Next step, of what you were told, focus on just 2 or 3 that you REALLY enjoy doing, and take a few minutes to journal about why you think you are good at them, and why you enjoy owning those ‘SUPERPOWERS’! : )

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“How you show up anywhere, is how you show up EVERYWHERE!” 

….show up fabulous!


Jeannine Miller is a speaker, facilitator, corporate consultant and executive coach, focused on building confident and happy individuals, and successful organizations, one team at a time through her 3D Mindful Leadership Experience. You can follow her on @3DMindful and at 3D Mindful Leadership.

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